Cuomo’s Pastificio: A Unique Experience Where Fresh Pasta is Made by Tennessee Tourists Through the “Pasta Class Experience”

Cuomo’s Pastificio is not just an Italian restaurant, but a place where culinary tradition intertwines with a unique and engaging experience: the “Pasta Class Experience”. In this special initiative, tourists from Tennessee become the protagonists of fresh pasta making, guided by the local master pasta makers.

An immersion into Italian culture: The Pasta Class Experience is a true sensory journey to discover Italian gastronomic culture. Participants learn the secrets of dough, rolling, and drawing fresh pasta, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Learning while having fun: Under the expert guidance of the master pasta makers, tourists have fun kneading, rolling, and cutting the pasta, creating unique and delicious shapes. The convivial atmosphere and the spirit of sharing make this experience unforgettable for all participants.

A taste of Italy: At the end of the Pasta Class Experience, tourists can enjoy the dishes prepared with their own hands, accompanied by an excellent glass of Italian wine. A perfect way to appreciate the fruits of their labor and savor the authentic flavors of Italian tradition.

An unmissable experience: The Pasta Class Experience is a unique experience that offers tourists from Tennessee the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture and learn how to make fresh pasta like a true master pasta maker. An original idea for a special gift or an unforgettable day trip.