The headquarters of “Pasta Cuomo” is based in the heart of Gragnano, in the famous via Roma, a place that once saw the expert pasta makers teach the secrets to produce the best pasta in the world. Pasta Cuomo is an historical company that has its roots in 1820. It was precisely in that year that the adventure of our family began, that soon acquired great fame in Gragnano for the production of bronze-drawn pasta.

Starting from 1832 the brothers Antonio, Crescenzo and Nicola, in order to increase the production and sales of macaroni, rented several water mills owned by the Marquises Quiroga.

Some years later one of their nephews, Nicolino, used the ancient family palace, located in the central via Roma, to develop a vertical pasta factory in accordance with the Gragnano tradition. Thus was born the modino mill and pasta factory of Nicolino Cuomo, among the most avant-garde in the pasta industry.

The vertical arrangement of the pasta factory safeguarded the ancient and experienced craftsmanship processes and the typical division between the staff dedicated to kneading, bronze drawing, drying and packaging, that guarateed an excellent quality product.

And we couldn’t allow that all the historical legacy could be forgotten. So we decided to come back to Gragnano from Rome and London to recover that tradition and that history, that made Gragnano the city of pasta in the past, that otherwise would have been lost forever.


After quite 60 years the pasta production was resumed by Mariano Cuomo and his sons Amelia, Anna and Alfonso. They are involved to commit to give new life to the places that saw born this bicentenary history. Nowdays they are still custodians of the family secrets in the production of their macaroni with a prestigious flavor.


The company is reborn in 2013 in Gragnano in the famous Via Roma 29-37, the same place of onetime.
In the production process, we gave value to its key steps which allowed us to make an excellent pasta. THE MIXTURE, THE GRINDING, THE EXTRUSION through the BRONZE DRAWERS, which gives to the pasta that rough surface that allows it to absorb the sauce during cooking AND THE SLOW DRYING IN STATIC CELLS are carefully followed by the production staff. They themselves verify the correctness of the procedures with continuous analyzes and tests on production to guarantee an high quality pasta.


The main ingredients of our pasta are the fresh spring water, the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, because we are patriots and we substain our italian agriculture, a slow process of production, a great passion and a boundless love. The main feature of Pasta Cuomo is the rough and porous surface, due to the extrusion from the bronze dies. The porous pasta  surface  allows it to absorb the sauce during cooking. This consistency will make your dishes delicious.

About us..

For Better Pasta Sauce, Throw Away Your Garlic

Winding, twisting up Via Roma, there is a persistent, gentle breeze that pulls the dry salt of the Tyrrhenian Sea up from the coast and over the cobblestones of the main street of Gragnano, a tiny hillside town in the shadows of rumbling Mount Vesuvius. It is by design. The streets of Gragnano, called Città della Pasta, or city of pasta, were designed to channel ocean breezes used to dry pasta that hung outside. Once, this avenue would have been draped in pasta, row upon row of wooden racks, noodles drying in a wind the street was built to capture and channel. Today, the dozens of pasta factories that once crowded Gragnano—where even the graffiti is spaghetti—have dwindled, and the pasta, still considered some of the best in Italy, is dried indoors. Alfonso Cuomo is the 10th generation of his family in the business—Pastificio Cuomo. Young and energetic as he discusses pasta’s potential to reinvigorate his community, he is one of my guides during a weeklong exploration of the simple—and surprisingly speedy—pastas of the Neapolitan region. He starts by showing me the massive building, parts crumbling, where his relatives once made pasta one step, one floor at a time. Whole… Read More

Napoletan Fusilli with erbs and lime

Mint, thyme, rosemary, sage are important elements for Italian cuisine and in summer when it is easier to find them fresh, do not miss the opportunity to make dishes where they become the protagonists. This is what we tried to do with the Fusilloni Neapolitan Cuomo with herbs and lemon. Ingredienti 200 gr. of Fusilloni Napoletani Cuomo 1 clove of garlic 2 generous tablespoons of crushed mint 4 leaves of minced sage 1 tablespoon of poor minced rosemary 1 tablespoon of chopped thyme 1 abundant tuft of wild fennel 50 grams of butter 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 15 gr of pine nuts 1 organic lemon a sprinkling of pecorino cheese salt black pepper Sminuzza sage, mint, rosemary, thyme and put aside. In a pot with enough water to cook the pasta, boil the tuft of fennel for a couple of minutes. Drain it, chop it and keep a spoon aside. Keep the water in which you cooked the fennel aside because you will need to cook the pasta. In a large pan melt the butter and oil over medium heat, add the split garlic and half (this will give way to remove it before adding the pasta… Read More

Mezzi paccheri with platessa

Paccheri are the perfect pasta that marries the excellence of craftsmanship and Paccheri Cuomo go very well with a stuffing of fish seasoned with tomatoes and olives. A recipe that includes in it flavor all the character and the flavor of the south Italy soul. Ingredienti 90 gr. of Came smooth paccheri means 180 gr of juicy tomatoes 200 gr of plaice 200 gr of potatoes 15 g of fragmented black olives 5 grams of desalted capers ½ minced onion 1 clove of garlic parsley thyme black pepper oil Boil the potatoes. Cook the flounder in a pan with a bit of oil, when it is ready, chop it. In a pan, sauté the garlic and the chopped tomatoes, the parsley, 2 sprigs of thyme, salt, cover and let go on a low heat. Once the sauce is ready, shake a third part of it. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes, add salt and 4 sprigs of shredded thyme. Stir and keep warm. Cook paccheri Cuomo in abundant salted water, once al dente you can fill them with the potato and flounder stuffing. In the dish, make a base with the smoothie dressing, place the paccheri in such a way they tend… Read More


As part of the rebirth process, We has imagined pasta like a project that We declined in all its forms and we created an innovative business model with different lines of activity not only dedicated to the production but also to the tourism.

Pasta becomes a real emotional experience where the goal is not only to eat it but to live it.


Visiting the “Pasta Cuomo Experience”. a virtual walk in the old mill and pasta factory of 1904 of the Cuomo family, under the guidance of the avatar of the ancestor Nicolino Cuomo, Or  experimenting the  “Fusilli Class, Cooking Class and Granma homemade pasta class“, trying the culinary excellence of the small bistrot named “Pastificio Cuomo Bistrot & Gourmet” or staying in the “B&B Pasta Cuomo” in the old building of the pasta-makers. All is been developed to enhance the Brand identity of Cuomo family.

Finally, the Company published a volume entitled: “A FAMILY, A PASTA FACTORY. 200 YEARS OF MACCHERONI CUOMO IN GRAGNANO “. This is a book based on an historical reconstruction focused on the  the evolution of Pasta Cuomo Company in the pasta market during the years since 1820 and the contribution of Cuomo family on the developping of the city of Gragnano. It was writted by the historians Silvjo de Majo and Francesca Caiazzo of the University of Naples Federico II out the committment of Cuomo Family.

Our products

Since 1820 we promote the taste of good, eating well and living healthy, inviting to discover the ancient flavours.

Our products are made using the tecnique of bronze drawing, the main part of the traditional pasta process. The bronze drawing requires much more processing time than the Teflon drawing. Furthermore, it guarantees a superior quality compared to the Teflon method. The mixture is extruded through a bronze wire drawing, which gives the desired shape and giving the pasta surface roughness and only making it more suitable to hold sauces and condiments.

We use the highest quality durum wheat semolina and a three days drying process in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and nutritive properties of the raw materials used.

Our long work produces a special product, the result of our dedication and passion: Pasta Cuomo.


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