Lumaconi with eggplants and olives

The Cuomo Lumaconi are like children, they have to be handled with care when cooking, but they are able to give you so much love and flavor for your special dishes.
Eggplants, tomatoes, olives and mozzarella of Bufala are the seasoning of this dish that certainly will satisfy your taste and that of your guests.


7 Lumaconi Cuomo (3 to eat and 1 for test the right cooking time of macaroni)
450 gr flesh tomato
15 gr of Parmesan cheese
1 medium long eggplant
Buffalo mozzarella

1 Spoon of “taggiasche” olives (quality of olives), (or green)
Pine Nuts
black pepper

Cut eggplant into pieces and fry in plenty of seed oil, once cooked put the jams on absorbent paper, then put in a bowl and keep aside. In a saucepan, fry the garlic in small pieces with olive oil, pine nuts and broken olives. Add the tomato pulp once it has browned well, salt and black pepper and let go gently until the sauce will be cooked narrowing but not so much. Once ready take a spoon and unite it with eggplant with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Mix and keep aside. Cook Lumaconi in plenty of salt water. Mix a lot because they do not attack, but with delicacy because they do not break.

Use the Lumacone to test the cooking of the dough. Just before it is “al dente”, drain the pasta gently, pass it under the cold water, so that it stops cooking, and put it on a clean dish holding each snuff separate from the other.

Turn the oven to 210 gr, spread butter a large baking tray to keep your Lumaconi near and comfortable. Fill the Lumaconi with eggplant condiment and put them in the pan with the open side facing up. When they are all filled, put on the sauce and cover with the mozzarella that you will cut into desserts and past the oil. Bake until the mozzarella is melted. Put in the pot and serve.

Preparation Tips
We wanted to use the “taggiasche olives” for their particular flavor that some may be slightly bitter, if so add a little sugar to the cooking sauce and you’ll see that without sacrificing the particular flavor, your sauce will be perfect.

Made by: Peppa Food