Penne with zucchini pesto, al pesto di zucchine, dried tomatoes and pine nuts

The time is always not too much but sometimes with also 20 minutes it’s possible to prepare a tasty and flavored dish.

This is the the case of Penne with zucchini pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. If you have a guest last second or you know to have some guests, but no time for them, this is a recipe that will guarantee you the success with them.

This preparation is perfect during the summer, when there are a lot of seasonal vegetables.

You can match this first course fresh and tasty with a second to white meat or fish. In fact, in season, you should take advantage and buy these vegetables in abundance, then we can prepare them in many different recipes ranging from starters, the first courses, the second courses or side dishes.


190 grams of penne Cuomo
1 large zucchini
40 grams of cheese
2/3 dried tomatoes

pine nuts

Wash zucchini and cut them into thin slices. Put them in a pot in enough salty water to cook pasta. Turn on the fire. Allow to boil water for a few minutes and toss the pasta making then cook together pasta and zucchini.

Apart prepare the pesto mixing together basil, pecorino cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts and dried tomatoes already chopped and left earlier in cold water for 5 minutes.

Chop until the whole thing will not be amalgamated. Add to taste even a hint of chili without exaggeration and cover the other flavors. I recommend for better nell’impiattamento effect of not fully blend the ingredients and let you see the red of the tomatoes into small pieces.

When Cuomo Penne will be al dente drain pasta and zucchini and unite, away from the fire, the pesto. Serve each portion with adding a few pine nuts and basil leaves.

Serve immediately before the pasta will cool down and the basil in the pesto will lose its shine.

Preparation tips
Boil the zucchini and the pasta in the same water, this procedure will makes pasta more tasty.