Rigatoni with pesto

This dish is inspired to Aeolian islands where the flavor of the sea through the tuna is linked to the earth through the eggplant, capers and olives. It’s a summer dish but it’s easy to prepare it also in the other periods of the year for its ingredients easy to find.


210 gr Rigatoni Cuomo
1 medium eggplant
10 black olives
a handful of capers
4 tomatoes
A sprig of basil

A sprig of parsley
120 g tuna in oil
Garlic powder
pine nuts
Olive oil
Seed oil

Wash and peel the eggplants in strips, cut them into pieces and put them in salt for the necessary time to lose the bitterness.
Rinse well, dry and fry the pieces in the oil seed. When they will be ready, place them on paper towels. Set aside a third of pieces of eggplant choosing those without skin.

Put the pieces in a blender peeled, half of the olives, capers all, half of tuna, half of the pine nuts, basil, parsley and whisk well with a bit of oil.
Place in a bowl large enough to hold even the pasta, ¾ of ingredients smoothies and all those non smoothies: the eggplant into pieces, cut tomatoes into small pieces, the chopped tuna and chopped olives coarsely. Mix everything with a little ‘of olive oil, a light dusting of garlic powder.

Cook Rigatoni Cuomo al dente and mix well in chopped ingredients that I kept aside in a bowl, in this way will the rigatoni to bond immediately with the sauce mixed no later crush the cubes of eggplant still intact in the other bowl. When the rigatoni will have absorbed all the seasoning put them into the bowl with the other remaining ingredients and mix gently. Add a little bit of olive oil if necessary. Put into a pot and sprinkle with a little ‘bread crumbs passed in dry skillet with chopped almonds previously baked and few pine nuts.

Consigli di preparazione
Whisk together half of the ingredients will make your dish more harmonious and will allow to rigatoni to bind more evenly with the sauce thus having a tastier flavor.

Made by: Peppa Food