Pasta Cuomo flowers with pumpkin and shrimps

In the success of a dish the shape is so important as its dressing. In this case the format is particular, We are talking about Fiori from Pasta Cuomo. In this case it’s necessary to find a mix of ingredients that exalt them poetry and them beauty. We’ve thought that Pumpkin and shrimps were ideal to bring to the table a dish capable of hitting your guests to the eye and taste.


100 grams of Fiori Cuomo
200 grams of pumpkin cut into small pieces
150 grams of beans cannellini boiled
6 large shrimps


In a pot put a bit of oil, thyme, chopped garlic and the chopped pumpkin, after a few minutes add water and cook until the pumpkin is completely cooked enough to easily break. Put in a pan, baked beans, oil, rosemary little shredded and cook for a few minutes. Combine pumpkin with cannellini beans and blend everything together, add a bit of water to facilitate the mixer. Put the sauce on the stove, add a bit of salt, at the end add enough water to cook pasta. When the sauce begins to boil add Flowers Pasta Cuomo and cook.
Meanwhile fry the prawns in a little oil.
When the dough is ready, put it in a large pot So THAT Flowers can show its best. Combine the shrimp and finish the dish with fried sage and some drops of oil as described in the final advice..

Preparation tips
For the decoration of the dish put oil in pan, fry the garlic and a bit of sage leaves. It will be fragile put them aside but you can use them to garnish your dish just ready. Put a few drops of oil in which you fried the sage in the pot before serving.

Made by: Peppa Food