Mezzi Paccheri with artichokes and potatos

The artichokes have a particular appearance, but if it’s made with love and respect they will be able to make your dishes tasty and intense. How this dish that combines the creaminess of the potatoes, the salt of the bacon to the unique taste of the artichokes.


120 grams of smooth Mezzi Paccheri Cuomo
20 gr of bacon
2 artichokes
180 grams of potatoes
3 or 4 tomatoes Pizzutelli

Pecorino cheese
Chili pepper

Clean the artichokes from the stem, from the tips and the heart and put them in a bowl with water and lemon. Put the oil in a large skillet, cut the garlic into small pieces and bacon. Saute for a few minutes, then combine the artichokes. Cut them in thin slices and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Combine the potatoes with artichokes and cook for 10 minutes, then add the tomatoes cut into small pieces. Let it cook at least 40 minutes, adding water until the artichokes and the cubes of potatoes are cooked. In this way they will remain wholes without flaking. During cooking, add chili powder and salt as needs.

When ready, take a quarter of the dressing sauce and then put it back in the pan.
Meanwhile cook in boiling salted water Mezzi Paccheri Cuomo draining them a minute before they are al dente, taking care to keep the part of the cooking water. Merge Mezzi Paccheri to the sauce and cook on low heat adding the pasta water as needs. Stop the cooking and sprinkle with grated pecorino. Mix, put in the plate and serve Mezzi Paccheri Cuomo still hot.

Consigli di preparazione
To prevent the artichokes become blacks clean them from the outer leaves and hearts, put them in water with cut lemons and keep them there as long as you do not use them.

Made by: Peppa Food